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How To Tie The Big Red Surprise Fly --  Flyfishing for Redfish


big_red_surprise.jpg (4687 bytes) Captain Dave Sutton, Florida 

Here is a pattern for Redfish Flies that I have developed.
It's weighted forward due to the
epoxy head, and flutters head down after a strip.


Materials List:

  • Hook :  MUSTAD 34007,  Size # 2 - 6.

  • Head :  Red maribou.

  • Body : Gold braided mylar.

  • Tail : Light orange saltwater neck, Long grizzly yellow neck, orange maribou.

  • Eyes : Yellow glass (Orvis).

  • Thread : Red 3/0

Tying Steps: (Remember it's a saltwater fly for an 8 wt.)  
(You must cement head after every step)

  1. Start by tying in the tail. Four orange hackel that are nice and full, splayed out.

  2. Then four long grizzly yellows to the outside of them.

  3. Add 8 to 10 strands of rootbeer crystal flash the same length as the long yellow  grizzlies, but right in the top between the hackles.

  4. Surround the tail in orange maribou  by tying it in a little forward so the dia. of material isn't so large. Use a long maribou. The tying of all the tail material should be at least 1/2 the hook shank length.

  5. Make sure the thread is wrapped all the way to the eye and add the gold mylar. You will have to cut the mylar braid longer than you need and let it fray  towards the tail.

  6. Build up a head with the Red thread and set in a small amount of red maribou, then trim to size for gills.

  7. Add in your eyes with 5 minute epoxy to make an indestructable head.

redfish bay shot.jpg (9845 bytes)

Although this fly is orange, I've decided to call it my Big Red Surprise because of the BIG surprise we had the first time we got it wet. The summer was in full swing in the Florida Everglades, and the Redfish were on the crowns of the flats. Most of the time we were fishing in less than a foot of water. Well as the accompanying photo shows, it works very well. The body can be expanded easily to allow a small rattle to be tied in before the gold mylar braid goes on, and it fishes almost on the surface.

Try it out and let me know how it works in your favorite Redfish spot!   Well, until next time........Good Fishing!!
Captain Dave Sutton




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