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Fisherman's Fillet Knife 
Fish and Seafood Cookbook

Combo packages -- shipping included.


A Great Catch..Fish and Seafood Cookbook

  How to freeze and thaw fish.  Safe handling and cooking guidelines.  Listing of fish types and fish substitutions for recipes, and cooking methods for different types of fish.  
A variety of recipes including baking, grilling, frying, marinades, poaching, sauces, casseroles, soups, batters, spreads and seafood dips for all types of fish from trout to shark. Over 80 pages. 

Cooking and Grilling Tips.  Plus over 80 Tasty Recipes for Fish and Seafood.

A Great Gift Value

 3 piece gift - Includes Shipping

Sorry, fillet knives are currently sold out.


Shakespeare Fillet Knife with Molded Sheath

11" overall, 6" stainless steel blade, Sure Grip handle and molded sheath  Limited lifetime warranty.     Email Us 
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