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The PALOMAR KNOT - For Joining Line To A Fish Hook
Illustration on how to tie the Palomar fishing knot on your fishing line.


polomarknot1.gif (6432 bytes)

The Palomar Knot is easy to tie correctly, and consistently the strongest knot known to hold terminal tackle.

1.  Double about 4" of line and pass the loop through the eye of fishing hook.


polomarknot2.gif (20177 bytes)

2.   Let the fishing hook hang loose, and tie an overhand knot in the doubled line.

Avoid twisting the lines and do NOT tighten the knot.

polomarknot3.gif (19009 bytes)

3.   Pull the loop end of the line far enough to pass it over the hook, swivel or lure.

Make sure the loop passes completely over the attachment.

polomarknot4.gif (6628 bytes)

4.   Pull both the tag end and the standing line until the knot is tightened.  Clip off the tag end of the fishing line.




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