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Illustrations of all the most popular fishing knots.

Knots For Joining Line To Tackle

      3D-TRI-GREEN.GIF (202 bytes) Snell Knot - (putting hook on a line)
      3D-TRI-GREEN.GIF (202 bytes) 
Clinch Knot - (tying line to tackle)
      3D-TRI-GREEN.GIF (202 bytes)  Improved Clinch Knot - (variation)
      3D-TRI-GREEN.GIF (202 bytes)  Palomar Knot
      3D-TRI-GREEN.GIF (202 bytes)  Jansik Special Knot 
      3D-TRI-GREEN.GIF (202 bytes)  Trilene Knot
      3D-TRI-GREEN.GIF (202 bytes)  Offshore Swivel Knot
      3D-TRI-GREEN.GIF (202 bytes)  Improved Blood Knot - (joining 2 lines)

The Uni Knot System

3D-TRI-RED.GIF (202 bytes)  Tying To Terminal Tackle
3D-TRI-RED.GIF (202 bytes)  Joining Two Lines
3D-TRI-RED.GIF (202 bytes)  Joining Leader to Line
3D-TRI-RED.GIF (202 bytes)  Shock Leader to Line
        3D-TRI-RED.GIF (202 bytes)  Double Line Shock Leader 

Fishing Tackle and Boating Tips on...
      3D-TRI-YELL.GIF (202 bytes)
  Tying The Bowline
     3D-TRI-YELL.GIF (202 bytes)  Setting The Drag On Your Rod
      3D-TRI-YELL.GIF (202 bytes) 
Protecting Your Line
      3D-TRI-YELL.GIF (202 bytes)  Be Sure Your Reel Is Working Smoothly
      3D-TRI-YELL.GIF (202 bytes)  Putting Line On The Reel
      3D-TRI-YELL.GIF (202 bytes)  Care For Rod Guides
      3D-TRI-YELL.GIF (202 bytes)  Fishing Line Tips
      3D-TRI-YELL.GIF (202 bytes)  Other Tackle Tips


Knot Tying: Fishing Knots- Interactive CD

You can learn how to tie the most important and common knots used in fishing, using this interactive CD video instruction that plays on your computer.  You can learn quickly and easily in front of your PC with this easy to use CD-ROM.  

Step-by-Step video instruction allows you to pause 
and replay as needed.  
The CD runs automatically, without installation. 
Within one minute, you'll be learning!

This CD title makes a great gift for anyone, 
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  • Albright Knot
  • Arbor Knot
  • Blood Knot
  • Double Fisherman's Knot
  • Double Loop Clinch
  • Dropper Loop
  • Improved Clinch
  • Palomar Knot
  • Perfection Loop
  • Rapala Loop
  • Surgeon's Loop
  • Uni Knot
  • Water Knot
    And... Knot tying terms

Read more about this CD and computer requirements.

Knot Tying: Fishing Knots 
Knot Tying: Splicing Three-Strand Line 
Knot Tying: The Basic Knots 
Knot Tying: Advanced Knotting  

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The Clinch Knot


Knot-May1.gif (5590 bytes) 1. Bring the free end of the line
up through the eye of the hook.
Give yourself about a foot of free
line on top to work with.

Knot-May2.gif (8170 bytes)

2. Take the free end back, behind and then under the straight line.

Knot-May3.gif (9046 bytes) 3. Bring the free end back over the top to form a full loop. Keep loops
fairly loose at this point.
Knot-May4.gif (17477 bytes) 4. Continue looping the free end around the straight line in the same direction. Form about four loops.
Knot-May5.gif (21224 bytes) 5. With the free end coming from the bottom of a turn, pass it between the eye and the first loop.
Knot-May6.gif (7060 bytes) 6. Slowly pull out all slack. Then pull tightly and trim off the end.

Labor Day

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