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Fishing reports are provided by professional Fishing Charter Captains and Fishing Guides throughout the State of Florida, 
The Florida Keys, and Bahamas. 
Whether you prefer saltwater fishing, freshwater, flats, 
back country, bottom or flyfishing -- 
or for bass, trout, marlin or tarpon, 
you'll find what's happening on the water here.  

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fishing reports for that area.

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                 Fishing Reports  --  NORTHEAST FLORIDA   (Back to top)

(For contact information, see the Charter Directory)


Captain Jim Hammond  -  Jacksonville, FL     Inshore  
Tel: (904) 757-7550.

October 6, 2014

Cooler weather is on the way and you all know what that means, the fish are eating everything that they can catch. They redfish are chomping down on all of your favorite baits and an assortment of artificials. One of my favorite soft plastics this time of the year is the assortment of Salt Water Assassins in my box. I started using their long shank jig head last year and what a fish catcher this is. Normal jig heads have a hook shank about 1 inch long and for many years, I used the this jig head and wished I had one with a long shank, so I would not miss all of the short strikes. You know what I mean. You are working your lure and a fish knocks the fire out of if but there is no fish attached to the hook. I am pretty sure the fish races at the lure and grabs the tail end and tries to eat it but bites it below the hook. So the fish is tugging on the lure and misses the hook. With  Salt Water Assassin long jig head, you have about twice as long of a hook shank, therefore the catching parting of the hook, sticks out about twice as far as a normal jig head. With the longer hook, I rarely have short strikes, which results in more fish on the hook and in the cooler. This longer hooked jig head is a perfect combination with the Salt Water Assassin 4 and 5 inch shad and the 4 inch shrimp cocktail soft plastic baits. And with all of the different color combinations, you can’t go wrong with this deadly combination. I especially like the 5 inch shad with this long shank hook as it imitates a mullet and this time of the year, the reds, trout and flounder are trying to eat as many of them as they can.  

I normally use a lead head jig when I am trying to fish in front of a drop off or the down slope of an oyster mound but with the long shank jig head coming in 1/16 ounce size, I can fish over the tops of submerged, oyster mounds without losing my rig. The lighter jig head allows me to work my lure just under the surface and draw the fish in the are holding on the top of the underwater oysters.  

Last week, I was able to guide some customers to limits of quality reds and trout using these long shank jig heads in combination with the Salt Water Assassin Shrimp and Shad. Both of these groups had never fished anything but live or natural bait and I almost had to strong arm them to get them to use these but after a few fish, they were sold and did not want to use anything but these. I had this same experience last year with a group and after the trip, these guys found a local tackle shop that carries Salt Water Assassin and went there and bought all the were on the rack. I guess they liked them.  

I will sometimes rig the 5 inch shad with an un-weighted hook and work it like a top water lure. Now this is real neat when you see a big ole redfish come up and explode on this lure.  

If you like to troll for trout, try tying two or even three jig heads to you line. I like to tie them about 1 foot apart and I never use the same color soft plastic on every hook. I can usually troll three rods like this and I will mix up my color combinations also. Like the first with a chartreuse, then a red and white and the last a silver, the next rig will be silver first then yellow and green, then the last one with be purple or black and silver. I also like to stager the distance from the boat the jigs are. Say one about 30 feet from the boat then the next about 50 and the last around 70 or 80 feet from the boat. Other than spreading them out some, it also gets them to run deeper and when you need to turn around, they do not tangle up as if they are all next to each other.  My trolling speed for trout is usually about 3 to 4 miles per hour and if you a boat like mine, where idle speed is too fast, you can tie a five gallon bullet to a rope and drag it next to the boat. This trick slows me down to the proper speed to catch those cold water trout. And every now and then, the lure drags over a flounders head and I end up with a bonus fish or two.  

Just as I am finishing this article I was perusing Salt Water Assassin web site and saw a Red Daddy Spinner. If I can get some of these before the end of the year, I can try them and let you know how they size up to putting fish in the cooler.  This lure is a lead head with a soft plastic and a spinner blade. I will bet this gets Mr. Redfish’s attention.  

Good fishn and be safe  

Capt. Jim Hammond

Capt. Jim’s Fun Fishing Inc

Jacksonville, Fl 32226

904 757 7550

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       Fishing Reports  --  EAST CENTRAL  FLORIDA  (Back to top)

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                Fishing Reports  --  SOUTHEAST  FLORIDA   (Back to top)

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                Fishing Reports  --  SOUTHEAST  FLORIDA   (Back to top)

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Captain Taco Perez  --  Fort Lauderdale - Fishing Aboard Hooked Up          
Hooked Up Sportfishing
Phone 954-764-4344

Check back for an update from Captain Taco



   Fishing Reports  -- FLORIDA  KEYS        (Back to top)  

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Captain Rick
Sea Horse Charters
- Islamorada Florida Keys Sportfishing from Whale Harbor Marina 
 Phone: 305-664-5020  Email:

January 24, 2013

Please check back for a report from Capt Rick


Islamorada Sportfishing --  Islamorada Offshore, Reefs, Bridges, Flats & Backcountry
Email      website:  


October 7, 2014

The hot bite the past few weeks has been Blackfin Tuna on the Islamorada Hump.  The single digit fish are hitting trolled feathers or lures.  The double digit Tuna are coming to live Pilchards scattered as chum and then a 20# spinning rod is baited with a live bait and tossed into the mêlée.  The entire scene is great fun to watch as the birds bomb down on the live pilchards as they scatter from the Blackfin Tuna coming up from the depths to feed.  Once hooked on the live bait the fight can take over an hour as many of the Tuna are over twenty pounds.  There is one very big BUT though.  But there are Sharks, many Sharks of every size and species waiting for a Tuna to be hooked and then in one fell swoop taking the fish away from the angler.  Some Captains say they have had good luck gaffing many of the Tuna they hook and others say they can not get a fish to the boat for the Sharks eating them right off of the line.
The reef is still a very popular and productive area to fish.  Most anglers are targeting the Yellowtail Snapper and with good success.  Captain Dave Morris running the Miller Time anchored a little deeper to stay away from the Houndfish, Triggerfish and other reef varmints that make a habit of stealing a Snapper bait.  Dave said they did well with about twenty Yellowtail in the fish box on a half day.  Captain Paul Johnson reported marking some King Mackerel on his sonar unit and deep trolled de-boned Ballyhoo catching a few Kingfish in the 10 to 12 pound size.
Gulf and Bay:
Captain Lou Brubaker fished a Gulf wreck and had good rod bending for the duration of his trip.  There were a few Trout and some Snapper hitting jigs drifting with the tide.  There were a few Permit spotted swimming around so they floated a Crab out behind the boat, but did not get a bite.  Instead a permit inhaled a live Shrimp on a jig head.  The permit weighed about eight pounds and was released.   Otherwise there were a bunch of Lemon Sharks that were caught and some got released by biting through the monofilament line before making it to boat side.
Flats, Backcountry and Flamingo:
There were no reports of any Tarpon action in the Islamorada channels this past week but that fishery should continue through October, it is just many captains are on vacation or in the boat yard this time of year.  Captain Mike Owens ran a private skiff over to Flamingo and reported getting into some good Snook action.  Mike reported his charge catching 12 Snook several of which were keepers.  There were Trout and Snapper in the mix also.




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