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Fishing reports are provided by professional Fishing Charter Captains and Fishing Guides throughout the State of Florida, 
The Florida Keys, and Bahamas. 
Whether you prefer saltwater fishing, freshwater, flats, 
back country, bottom or flyfishing -- 
or for bass, trout, marlin or tarpon, 
you'll find what's happening on the water here.  

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Captain Jim Hammond  -  Jacksonville, FL     Inshore  
Tel: (904) 757-7550.

July 6, 2014


A few months ago, I ordered some lure blanks (bodies) and proceeded to make a few lures. This was my first go around at making lures, as you can see, but I had fun playing with the different color combinations.  I had also ordered several colors and styles of lure tape and eyes. My first lure was to be a floater diver that I would try to catch a trout or two on, so the colors were to be blue and silver with a touch of red. Keep in mind, I did not have a clue as to making lures and with any new venture, the first few times out, I was sort of feeling my way through the process. As I laid out the materials, I knew I wanted blue and silver but was not sure how it was going to turn out or what it would look like. The colored adhesive tape comes in rolls of about 25 feet by ¾ inch and has a backing that is peeled off to expose adhesive on the back side.  

I laid the lure on the work surface and measured out about a 3 ½ inch long piece and cut two pieces. One for each side of the lure. My next step was to stick it to the lure and hope it was in the right place for a fish to say, “I need to eat that”. My design was to be similar to a Bomber Long A, as this lure works in this area of Florida and I have caught many a trout on it.  So, I put the pieces of blue tape one each side running long ways. I now sat back in my chair, looking at the lure and thought, this sure does not look like any lure I have ever used but the color was right. I then cut two more pieces of tape that looked like scales and put them over the blue I had already applied to the lure. I again sat back and looked at the lure and this time, it almost looked like a store bought lure but it was evident this was my first time at this. I pulled off two tape eyes and places them where they should go and then some red tape that I added to the gill area and the bottom of the lure. This was almost looking like store bought but it was sort of funky looking and I am sure I would have a hard time getting into the lure making business but I was not trying to sell them, just catch fish with them.  

I was pretty sure it would work but before the big test, I needed to epoxy it, to keep the tape from coming off as I worked it. I applied some epoxy and made something to fit in my rod dryer to spin the epoxied lure so the epoxy would not settle in a big glob.  After two more coats of epoxy, I was ready to test my home made lure. My plan was to take my home made and a Bomber Long A, as I knew the Bomber would work, so using both would let me know if mine worked or was I just wasting time and money.  

A few days later, the tide was right and I loaded up two rods. One with each lure attached and I was off.  

Arriving at the first place, I dropped the trolling motor in the water and proceeded down the bank, working my home made lure. This bank is about 75 yards long and on my first pass, I caught two lady fish, three jacks and a keeper redfish but no trout. Well the lure does catch fish but not what I was after. My next pass I used the Bomber with similar results except the redfish. Maybe there are no trout in this spot, so off to the next place.  

The next spot is a grassy shoreline with oysters about 4 to 5 feet under the water and is usually good for a few trout on this tide. I again put the trolling motor down and starting working my “Lure by Jim”.  After about ten cast, I saw some mullet showering out of the water just ahead and this is always a sign that there is a fish trying to eat them. My heart picked up a beat or two as I dropped the lure on the grass edge. I started to work it and about the time it got about 4 feet from the edge, I was hooked up and a pretty nice fish was trying to shake the hooks as I angled it to the boat. As the fish came to the boat, I got down from the front deck, picked up the net and scooped up a nice 4 pound trout. My LURE WORKS! I quickly unhooked the fish and set it free, then quickly back up on the front deck to make more cast. Two more cast and I was hooked up again and this was a little bigger than the first one and another trout. I had a grin from ear to ear as I released this one and headed back to the casting deck. I made several more cast before I was again hooked up and this time it was either a monster trout or some other species.  Again, I left the deck and scooped up a 30 inch redfish, which was also released none the worse for wear.  This was not what I could say about my lure as it was starting to come apart. I needed more epoxy. I broke out my knife and trimmed off the shredded tape and got back at it. My confidence had slightly diminished as a good bit of the shiny blue tape was now gone and it looked like it had been in a garbage disposal. I continued to work this bank picking up a few more trout and another extra-large redfish. Even with most of the shiny stuff gone, the lure still caught fish.  

My test was over and I anxious to head back home to make more “Lures by Jim”. I have caught thousands of reds and trout in my days but never on a lure that I made. I was happy. 

I got all of the lure making stuff from Mudhole, and online tackle store but I am sure you can get some at many other places or ask your local tackle shop to get you some. It is hard to beat catching fish but it is even nicer when you can say “I made that”. Get out there and try to make some lures. It is not hard, they do not have to be perfect and it does not cost much. How neat would it be to catch the largest fish ever on a lure you made?  

Here are a few more I am currently working on. After a few coats of epoxy and some hooks, they will be ready to catch more fish.


Jim Hammond

Capt. Jim’s Fun Fishing Inc

Jacksonville, Fl 32226

904 757 7550



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Captain Taco Perez  --  Fort Lauderdale - Fishing Aboard Hooked Up          
Hooked Up Sportfishing
Phone 954-764-4344

Check back for an update from Captain Taco



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Captain Rick
Sea Horse Charters
- Islamorada Florida Keys Sportfishing from Whale Harbor Marina 
 Phone: 305-664-5020  Email:

January 24, 2013

Please check back for a report from Capt Rick


Islamorada Sportfishing --  Islamorada Offshore, Reefs, Bridges, Flats & Backcountry
Email      website:  


July 1, 2014

Dolphin catches have improved greatly this past week. Average catches for many charter Boats is around twenty or so Mahi with a couple of gaffer fish. Capt. Rick on the Seahorse fished a trio of guys from North Jersey and got into the Dolphin with 23 fish in the box including two 15 pounds Bulls. Captain Paul on the Reef Runner had some Dolphin, but concentrated on the hump and did a nice job on the Black Fin Tuna with around 20 in the box. The Dolphin have been in depths of 600 to 900 feet of water or 12 to 20 miles off the islands. Captain Chuck Shimmelman on the Dee Cee out of Post Card Inn had a great day on the Dolphin including one fish over thirty pounds on Monday. 

The Yellowtail Snapper had been on fire most days last week. Captain Dirrk Reich ran the original Blue Chip Too on Friday and with mate Dave Morris slammed the Yellowtail Snapper with the catch including one Mutton Snapper weighing 12 pounds. The Mangrove Snapper bite is sensational after dark in the shallow area of the rocky reef at 25 to 40 feet in depth. Fish the Mangrove’s just like daytime Yellowtail by chumming and free lining small baits with the current. One difference that should be noted is the Yellowtail limit is ten while the Mangrove Snapper limit can include a maximum of five per day. 

Gulf and Bay: 
Six year old “Ella” graduated Kindergarten Tuesday morning and then her Mom took her on a backcountry fishing trip with Captain Lou Brubaker in the afternoon. Young Ella caught dozens of Seatrout and Mangrove Snapper and she and mom Cortney had enough fillets for several dinners. Ella slept on the ride back to the dock. 
Those guys who fished offshore with the Seahorse early week fished a guided trip in Florida Bay a couple of days later. The target was Trout and Snappers and the target was hit nicely with enough Mangrove Snapper in the box for a nice dinner that evening. In the Gulf the wrecks are holding lots Snapper, Jack Crevalle, Bluefish, Trout and the Goliath Grouper are chasing many hooked fish back to the boat. There have been some schools of Pompano drifting around in the Gulf too.

Flats, Backcountry and Flamingo: 
With most of the attention being towards Tarpon there are relatively few boats fishing Flamingo these days. There have been reports of very good catches of Snook around the islands near Flamingo and there are some Redfish too. Tarpon are being caught in the Islamorada area morning and evening in the channels. Guides are still getting live Mullet for bait via the cast net and also fishing small Blue Crabs in the channels. Getting back to techniques of past decades, a few guys are fishing Pinfish under a float and getting into some Grouper in Channel Two and Five. In that area look for schools of Pilchards on the flats adjacent the channels. 



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