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THE UNI-KNOT  SYSTEM  --  JOINING 2 FISHING LINES (of similar diameter)
Illustration on how to tie two fishing lines of similar diameter to each other.

One basic fishing line knot which can be varied to meet virtually every knot tying need in either
fresh or salt water fishing.  That was the objective of Vic Dunaway, author of numerous books
on fishing and editor of "Florida Sportsman" magazine. 
The Uni-Knot system resulted.  Knot illustrations and directions thanks to Ande Monofilament.


Uni-knot fishing knot, joining 2 lines, step 1

1.   Overlap ends of two lines of about the same diameter for about 6".  

Take one end, and form the Uni-Knot circle, crossing the two lines about midway of the overlapped distance.


Uni knot fishing knot step 2

2.   Tie the Uni-Knot, making six turns around the two lines (leaving the loop free).

uni knot fishing knot step 3

3.   Pull the tag end to form a snug knot tight around the line.

uni knot fishing knot step 4

4.   Use the loose end of the overlapped line to tie another Unit-Knot as shown above and pull snug.

uni knot fishing knot step 5

5.   Pull the two standing lines in opposite directions to slide the knots together.  Pull as tightly as possible and snip ends close to nearest coil.




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